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Frequently Asked Questions about SARC Membership 

Club Access

I would like to use the remote access app for entry to the pool and tennis courts, what do I need to do? 

The Club is working on transitioning access away from a traditional key and membership card system to a mobile application housed on your phone.

Please read and follow the instructions on how to download the app that will act as your "key" to the club.

Once activated, this is your "membership card" that will be scanned at the pool. It can also be used to unlock the tennis gate when the pool is not open.

**Each member of your family must download his or her own app and use it separately to gain access. This includes children with mobile devices. If your child is too young for a mobile device, it is expected they will not be at SARC without supervision, per Club rules**

Once downloaded, Please reply to SpringdaleAccess@gmail.com with the following: 

1. Name

 2. Phone Number

 3. Selfie Picture

 4. Pass ID from MyPass app


All SARC rules and Bylaws are expected to be upheld and followed at all times, including guest policies. Familiarize yourself with the rules here: http://springdalepool.com/rules

SARC is a member-run facility and all members are responsible for the grounds. Clean-up is your responsibility. By accepting remote access to SARC, you are acknowledging your understanding of Club rules, bylaws and policies.

Once all this information is collected, there is some back-end work that needs to be completed so we can get all of you registered in the system. We will be back in touch once your mobile access is granted and is ready to go. In the meantime, bring your photo id like last year to gain access to the pool. This will be on a limited basis until all members can be loaded into the new system.

Membership Renewal

How do I renew my membership?  

Our website is set up to be a self-service portal for renewing your membership.  To initiate your renewal  you will need to login to your membership profile and select the button labeled "renew to 01 Apr 20xx" Please see this PDF file for visual instructions

What if I do not renew my membership, but I would like to rejoin? 

If you chose not renew for the season, you may place your name on the membership wait list.  If you are offered a membership within three years, the member is required to pay a re-activation fee of $50 plus the annual renewal for that season and the initiation fee is waived.  After three years, you will be required to pay the initiation fee. 

I have mailed in my check but my membership still says unpaid? 

Checks are mailed to a PO box that is checked regularly.  While we try to get to this as quickly as possible the membership chair is a volunteer position and with the high volume during renewals it may take a few days before your membership record is marked as paid.  Once it is marked as paid, you will receive an email that states that you membership is complete. 

I would like to change my membership level?  

We have two different membership levels.  Family membership for two or more members and individual for one person.  If you would like to change your membership level, please send email to springdaleweb@gmail.com

Our marital status has changed, what do we do about our membership? 

This is addressed in the membership by-laws.  Please refer to our this page to view the most recent copy of our club by-laws

Do you have a payment plan for membership? 

No, membership is due in full on April 1st of each year.  

Do you have a Tennis-Only membership?

No, the membership levels that we have are family and individual.  

Can I add a family members to our membership that does not reside in our home? 

No, member must reside in the home on record to qualify for membership. 

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